Ep 196: Can we trust the Bible? | What about miracles? What about other religions? | Why is Jesus so important?

Confronting four of life's biggest questions
Gillian Asquith
Sam Reeve
Kenny Koay
Dave Kranjec
Bible reference(s): 
John 14.6
Sun 2 May 2021
Other religions

We confront some of life's biggest questions live at Autumnfest - a celebration of hope and music in the city of Melbourne. This show was recorded live, outside the State Library in the heart of Melbourne with three guests who share their reflections and stories and how they found answers to these big questions.

We ask the big question, Can we trust the Bible? to Gillian Asquith. Gillian lectures in New Testament and Greek at Melbourne School of Theology. Her areas of interest include the transmission of the text of the New Testament and biblical archaeology.

We ask the big question, How can you believe in miracles? to Sam Reeve. Sam works as a pastor at CrossCulture, a church right in the heart of Melbourne.

We ask the big question, What about other religions? to Kenny Koay. Kenny has worked in business and is now the pastor of CLIC church in Melbourne’s outer Eastern Suburbs.

We ask the big question, Why is Jesus so important? to Dave Kranjec. David is passionate about communicating the message of Jesus to the world. Bigger Questions

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