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Ep 109: Comedy - should I laugh or should I cry? | Sam Chan

Bigger Questions
Sam Chan
9 Sep 2018
What makes something funny? The line between comedy and tragedy can be very fine.

Ep 108: Trashy TV - why can't we turn away? | Sam Chan

Bigger Questions
Sam Chan
2 Sep 2018
Why is reality TV so addictive and compelling?

Ep 107: Will going blind mean missing out in life? | Aaron Boyd

Bigger Questions
Aaron Boyd
26 Aug 2018
Aaron shares the surprising ways in which his physical blindness helps him see a lot more.

Ep 106: Do the heavens declare the glory of God?

Bigger Questions
Jennifer Wiseman, Ken Freeman, Luke Barnes
19 Aug 2018
Exactly how big is the universe? Are humans significant? Is there a cosmic designer?

Can we live by science alone?

Bigger Questions
Chris Mulherin
12 Aug 2018
A word for Richard Dawkins

Ep 105: Is the banking industry rotten?

Bigger Questions
Elizabeth Redman, Mark Sneddon
5 Aug 2018
A conversation on the financial services royal commission

How can Jesus change the brokenness of our lives? | Tim Curtis

Bigger Questions
Tim Curtis
1 Jul 2018
What do we do when life is a mess?

Do religion and football mix? | John Boyers

Bigger Questions
John Boyers
24 Jun 2018
Football is like a religion to many, so is there a space for faith? How do chaplains help sports clubs?

How can we nurture rich spirituality? | Mike Raiter

Bigger Questions
Mike Raiter
17 Jun 2018
Why is it soul music and not larynx music? We have a spiritual side - but how do we nurture true spirituality?

Ep 104: Does the Bible really provide a better way to live? | Graham Hooper

Bigger Questions
Graham Hooper
10 Jun 2018
Does the Bible's framework for life really work?