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Ep 123: Why is God good for you?

Bigger Questions
Greg Sheridan
3 Mar 2019
Some say that religion is antiquated, dangerous and poisons everything. So is God really worth following? We ask Greg Sheridan some bigger questions about the impact of God in the world and why he loves stories in the Old Testament. A unmissable conversation combining wit with deep reflection.

Ep 122: Does belief in God add up?

Bigger Questions
Sandy Clarke-Errey
24 Feb 2019
Does maths reveal something bigger? Sandy shares her love of statistics, how statistics makes a difference in the world and how she's navigated some of the really big questions in life. A conversation you can count on to stimulate thought.

Ep 121: How do I handle the pressure to have it all?

Bigger Questions
Andrew Laird
17 Feb 2019
Andrew confronts the pressures of life and shares how to handle them.

Ep 120: How much has the Bible shaped Australia?

Bigger Questions
Meredith Lake
10 Feb 2019
What place does the Bible have in modern day Australia?

Ep 119: Is Jesus for Asia?

Bigger Questions
KK Yeo
3 Feb 2019
Differences between East and West, cultural diversity and some bigger questions.

Welcome to 2019 + Bonus material

Bigger Questions
KK Yeo
30 Jan 2019
What would happen if Chairman Mao met the Apostle Paul?

Is God relevant today?

Bigger Questions
Anthony B
27 Jan 2019
Could God be relevant today?

What is wrong with the world?

Bigger Questions
Gillian Porter
20 Jan 2019
How do we diagnose the problems of the world?

Why am I not an atheist?

Bigger Questions
David Robertson
13 Jan 2019
Who made God? Will atheism bring freedom? What about pain and suffering?

Is there a spiritual dimension?

Bigger Questions
Julia Pope
6 Jan 2019
Does the presence of the supernatural invalidate the Bible?