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Ep 143: Why be generous?

Bigger Questions
Gary Hoag
10 Nov 2019
In a world of many needs, being generous can be hard. Hear from the "generosity monk" who sees the power of generosity and travels the world fostering it. He shares his own powerful story of trusting in something bigger when faced with a huge need after giving everything away. An inspiring conversation.

Is God just a cosmic kill-joy?

Bigger Questions
Nick Coombs
3 Nov 2019
All people seek pleasure and happiness, yet it seems that God opposes it

Do I need God if I have all this stuff?

Bigger Questions
Luke Nelson
27 Oct 2019
Discover something of greater meaning and significance

Ep 142: Is science the answer?

Bigger Questions
Adam Humphries
20 Oct 2019
Science is a powerful tool, but is it all we need?

Ep: 141 Why can't I be happy?

Bigger Questions
Angela Cook
13 Oct 2019
In world that loves being happy - why do I feel depressed?

Ep 140: What's life all about?

Bigger Questions
David Cook
6 Oct 2019
Is life about pleasure, happiness, accumulating things or perhaps something more?

The future: I am going ... where?

Bigger Questions
David Knox
29 Sep 2019
As people live longer and with better health, what does the future hold? An insightful conversation exploring retirement, superannuation, and contentment as we peer into the future.

Ep 139: How do I make my mark?

Bigger Questions
Steve Lawrence
22 Sep 2019
It's footy finals time so we speak with former Premiership footballer Steve Lawrence about footy, faith and making a difference in life. He shares how something greater helped him make his mark and made an extraordinary leadership decision that impacted many people. An inspiring conversation.

Ep 138: How do I know what's real?

Bigger Questions
Katherine Canobi
15 Sep 2019
Virtual reality and social media challenge our conceptions of reality. So how do we develop authentic relationships?

Ep 137: Is the Genesis account of creation simply a myth?

Bigger Questions
Andrew Brown
8 Sep 2019
The fundamental questions of human origins