Bigger Questions library

Ep 220: Why do we create fantasy worlds?

Luke Isham
12 Dec 2021
Celebrating 20 years since the release of The Lord of the Rings movies

Ep 219: Is God just for kids?

Colin Buchanan
5 Dec 2021
One of Australia's best known Christian children's musician shares

Ep 218: What makes a great leader?

John Anderson, George Savvides, Jenny George
28 Nov 2021
Three top business and political leaders reflect

Ep 217: Is Jesus boring?

Andrew Palau
21 Nov 2021
Aren't ancient religious figures boring and irrelevant in the modern world?

Ep 216: Are we addicted to achievement? + special offer

Justine Toh
14 Nov 2021
Reflecting on achievement and a special bonus offer for podcast listeners

Ep 215: Does faith in God make sense?

Simon Edwards
7 Nov 2021
How Christian faith makes sense of what matters

Ep 214: How can we think better?

Mark Stephens
31 Oct 2021
Some tips to be better thinkers

Ep 213: How can we talk about death?

Aaron Wong, Michael Cai
24 Oct 2021
Starting conversations on this taboo topic

Ep 211: Why bother with the Bible?

Richard Borgonon
10 Oct 2021
Why bother with a two thousand year old religious book?