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Ep 87: Where can I find wisdom?

Andy Judd
22 Oct 2017
City on a Hill pastor Andy Judd shares about the value and weaknesses of wisdom.

Ep 86: Why is work so frustrating?

Ian Harper
15 Oct 2017
We ask Ian Harper (board member of Reserve Bank of Australia) some bigger questions about how he deals with the frustrations of work.

Ep 85: How much money is enough?

John Sikkema
8 Oct 2017
The story of John Sikkema (former financial planner and businessman, now chairman of Halftime Australia) demonstrates that there is more to life than money.

Ep 84: What is beautiful about life?

Anna McGahan
1 Oct 2017
In a beautiful and unexpected conversation we ask Australian actress and playwright Anna McGahan some bigger questions.

Light FM Bigger Questions promo for the next episode

Anna McGahan
29 Sep 2017
The 30 second promo that 89.9 LightFM are playing for the next Bigger Questions episode being broadcast on Sunday.

Ep 83: Where can I find meaning?

Dale Stephenson
24 Sep 2017
Dale Stephenson (senior pastor Crossway church) was successful and achieved a lot at a young age, but ended up writing poetry about the pointlessness of life. What changed? Hear Dale's story as we ask him some bigger questions.

Ep 82: Does Christianity bring freedom?

Aimee Grinter
17 Sep 2017
Aimee Grinter was a party girl who wanted to be free to do whatever she wanted, with whoever she wanted whenever she wanted. But she found that this didn't work. Yet she found some good news.

Sneak peek at John Sikkema talking about money

John Sikkema
12 Sep 2017
John Sikkema answered the Bigger Question on 'How much money is enough?' This is a short preview of the conversation

Ep 81: Isn't God angry and judgemental?

Shane Rogerson
10 Sep 2017
What makes us angry? Why does God get angry? Should God get angry? We ask Shane Rogerson some Bigger Questions

How can we get a good night's sleep? + special announcement

Andrew Laird
3 Sep 2017
How can we get a good night's sleep?