Bigger Questions library

Ep 187: What is truth?

Ryan Young
7 Feb 2021
What is truth in a world of fake news and alternative facts?

Is Jesus for Asia?

KK Yeo
31 Jan 2021
Differences between East and West, cultural diversity and some bigger questions.

What has Covid taught us?

Tim Hinks
27 Dec 2020
Reflections on the pandemic that changed the world

Where can I find joy?

Silvie Paladino
20 Dec 2020
Something more than Carols by Candlelight

Ep 186: Is there a war on Christmas?

Gerry Bowler
13 Dec 2020
Reflecting on the most popular and contested festival of the world

Ep 185: So, will 2021 be better?

Andrew Laird, Sharon Cheung
6 Dec 2020
Reflecting on the desire to reboot after 2020

Ep 184: Are we greedy?

Brian Rosner
29 Nov 2020
What do we do with the desire for more

Ep 183: How can we prevent family violence?

Robyn Boosey
22 Nov 2020
A pathway from violence to flourishing

Ep 182: How can young people thrive in an ever changing world?

Sharon Garro
15 Nov 2020
A pathway to flourishing

Ep 181: Is God bloodthirsty?

Mike Raiter
8 Nov 2020
Does God relish blood, sacrifice and violence?