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Ep 127: How do you deal with the loss of a child?

Alison Risbridger, John Risbridger
12 May 2019
Mother's Day is a day where mothers are celebrated and honoured, yet for some it's a day of sadness and grief. In this very moving and raw conversation a couple share the pain of losing a child and its impact on their life and faith.

Ep 126: Should religion have a say on election day?

Helen Bell, Adam Ch'ng
5 May 2019
With an an election looming there is often disappointment and cynicism towards our political leaders and the place of religion in political life is controversial and contested. Can we have better conversations about government and the role of religion in politics? A thoughtful conversation which changes the way we talk about divisive topics.

Is the story of Jesus a conspiracy theory?

Rob Buckingham
28 Apr 2019
When is skepticism unreasonable? Even with video evidence some still won't believe. Rob Buckingham was an a skeptic and atheist until he had an encounter that transformed his life. A conversation confronting skpeticism, conspiracy theories and finding true fulfillment in life.

How does the resurrection give hope?

Shane Rogerson, Cam Semmens
21 Apr 2019
Did it really happen and what difference can it make today?

Why does Jesus have to die? | Victor Soo & Tracy Lauersen

Victor Soo, Tracy Lauersen, Cam Semmens
14 Apr 2019
Why would a great and innocent man willingly die? As Easter approaches we ask a number of guests some big questions about the central event of that first Easter week - the death of Jesus. A fresh exploration of the week that changed the world.

Why is it worth engaging with the Easter story? | Peter Adam & James Hornby

Peter Adam, Cam Semmens, James Hornby
7 Apr 2019
Easter is the week that changed the world. As Easter approaches we ask a number of guests some big questions about the events and circumstances of that first Easter week. A conversation with poetry, parables and a fresh exploration of the week that changed the world.

How do we overcome the crises in our lives?

Anne Winckel
31 Mar 2019
There are challenging and difficult times in life - how should we deal with them? Hear Julie's incredibly inspiring story of adversity and how the challenges in our lives can in fact be soul enriching. A moving and powerful conversation.

Ep 125: Where can I find happiness?

Andrew Cameron
24 Mar 2019
How and why we search for happiness? Where it can and can't be found?

Ep 124: Would we be better off without Christianity?

Simon Smart
17 Mar 2019
There are many things we may be better off without: slow Internet and pineapple on pizza, but what about the Christian faith? In an honest conversation Simon Smart confronts the failings of the church and offers another possibly better story.

Aliens and UFO's: Is the truth still out there?

Michael Smith, Christina Smith
10 Mar 2019
Are we alone in the universe? Why are we fascinated with UFO's?