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Ep 148: How can we have a sustainable Christmas?

Ian Barns
15 Dec 2019
Is much of our consumption just a poor substitute for what’s missing in our lives?

Ep 147: Does power corrupt?

Jenny George, George Savvides
8 Dec 2019
Is there any hope for those in leadership?

Ep 146: Is there power in prayer?

Sameh Maurice
1 Dec 2019
Critics say it's useless and unnecessary. These stories indicate otherwise.

Ep 145: How do you lead in a polarised world?

John Anderson
24 Nov 2019
Former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson offers some advice on leadership

Ep 144: Hasn't archaeology disproved the Bible?

Gillian Asquith
17 Nov 2019
Lecturer Gillian Asquith unpacks the evidence

Ep 143: Why be generous?

Gary Hoag
10 Nov 2019
In a world of many needs, being generous can be hard. Hear from the "generosity monk" who sees the power of generosity and travels the world fostering it. He shares his own powerful story of trusting in something bigger when faced with a huge need after giving everything away. An inspiring conversation.

Is God just a cosmic kill-joy?

Nick Coombs
3 Nov 2019
All people seek pleasure and happiness, yet it seems that God opposes it

Do I need God if I have all this stuff?

Luke Nelson
27 Oct 2019
Discover something of greater meaning and significance

Ep 142: Is science the answer?

Adam Humphries
20 Oct 2019
Science is a powerful tool, but is it all we need?

Ep: 141 Why can't I be happy?

Angela Cook
13 Oct 2019
In world that loves being happy - why do I feel depressed?