Bigger Questions library

Is the Bible's view on sex regressive?

Patricia Weerakoon
13 Jun 2021
Reflecting on some surprising findings of modern science

Ep 200: Where can I find God?

John Lennox
6 Jun 2021
Finding God in an age of science

Ep 199: What is the greatest glory?

Gavin Peacock
30 May 2021
The story of a Premier League footballer

Ep 198: Why fight racism?

Bob Zellner
23 May 2021
The remarkable story of a white civil rights activist from Alabama

Ep 197: What does Lego teach us about life?

Josh Taylor
16 May 2021
Perspectives from a Lego Master

How can we go beyond the Facebook friend?

Andrew Laird
9 May 2021
How to build really great friendships

Ep 196: Can we trust the Bible? | What about miracles? What about other religions? | Why is Jesus so important?

Gillian Asquith, Sam Reeve, Kenny Koay, Dave Kranjec
2 May 2021
Confronting four of life's biggest questions

Ep 195: What can war teach us?

Natasha Moore
25 Apr 2021
Should we mention the war?

Ep 194: Is God real? | What about suffering? | Hasn't science disproved God?

Karen Morris, Sandy Citro, Christina Smith
18 Apr 2021
Confronting three of life's biggest questions

Ep 193: How do we build a better world after Covid?

Chris Watkin
11 Apr 2021
Reflecting on the need for a new social contract