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What happened when the model met the designer?

Tracy Trinita
4 Feb 2018
Indonesia's first supermodel shares her journey

Christmas: fact or fiction?

Mikey Bayliss
17 Dec 2017
Is the Christmas story fact or fiction? This episode features possibly the greatest Christmas Kung-Fu story ever told.

Ep 94: What happened when Santa learned the Gospel?

Simon Camilleri
10 Dec 2017
What would happen if Santa was introduced with the message of the Gospel? The answer is this conversation. Santa is asked some Bigger Questions at the launch of a new book.

Ep 93: What happens when we die?

Mark Stephens
3 Dec 2017
Do we die and rot, or is there hope? A conversation sure to get you thinking.

Ep 92: What wisdom is gained from mountain tops?

Simon Angus
26 Nov 2017
Be inspired to get a new perspective on life.

Ep 91: Why can't I see God?

Tim Hinks
19 Nov 2017
After Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin made the first voyage in space the leader of the Soviet Union said, "Gagarin flew into space and didn’t see any God there." Why can't I see God?

Ep 90: Does the Bible condone slavery?

Edwin Judge
12 Nov 2017
One of Australia's most distinguished scholars of Ancient History discusses what life was really like in the Ancient World.

Ep 89: What is the key to life?

Sam Chan
5 Nov 2017
An entertaining conversation sure to make you to think and help you discover the true meaning to life. We ask the brilliant Dr. Sam Chan (medical doctor and Christian communicator) some Bigger Questions.

Ep 88: What makes a sound investment?

Peter Kaldor
29 Oct 2017
Superannuation. Property. Shares. What about family? Aptitude? Dreams? What makes a sound investment? We ask Peter Kaldor some bigger questions.

Ep 87: Where can I find wisdom?

Andy Judd
22 Oct 2017
City on a Hill pastor Andy Judd shares about the value and weaknesses of wisdom.