Bigger Questions library

Ep 205: Is prayer effective?

David Robertson
22 Aug 2021
Does prayer ever make a difference?

Ep 204: Is God dead?

Kevin Sorbo
15 Aug 2021
A Hollywood actor reflects

Ep 203: Where can I find forgiveness?

John Rusnak
8 Aug 2021
The story of a man who's fraud cost his firm over US$700m

Ep 202: Is there something I should fear?

Russ Grinter
1 Aug 2021
The story of a man who feared

What is beautiful about life?

Anna McGahan
25 Jul 2021
From someone who works in an industry of beautiful people

What is the key to life?

Sam Chan
18 Jul 2021
Helping unlock the key to what life is all about

Ep 201: What is the ultimate prize?

Nicola McDermott
11 Jul 2021
An Olympic athlete shares

Are the Gospels historical?

Mike Bird
4 Jul 2021
Is the Bible a myth, full of fairy stories? Did the events recorded there really happen? Does it even matter?

Is Jesus relevant today?

Luke Nelson
27 Jun 2021
How can a person who lived two thousand years on the other side of the world, be at all relevant in modern Melbourne?

Can God really be there amidst the pain?

John Hudson
20 Jun 2021
Reflecting on the problem of pain