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Is Jesus relevant today? | Luke Nelson

Luke Nelson
4 Nov 2018
How can a person who lived two thousand years on the other side of the world, be at all relevant in modern Melbourne?

How can I believe when the church does wrong? | Guy Mason

Guy Mason
28 Oct 2018
Guy Mason shares his own story and experiences of church hypocrisy

Ep 114: Is the Bible too weird to be believed? | Tom French

Tom French
21 Oct 2018
Can it apply to my life today?

Is there an answer to death? | Robert Martin

Robert Martin
14 Oct 2018
Is death the end? Rob Martin shares about an encounter at a graveside.

Ep 113: What is the right relationship with the environment? | Kath Williams

Kathryn Williams
7 Oct 2018
Forests almost feel spiritual - but does this reveal something bigger?

Ep 112: Is Christianity repressive? | Chris & Bec Berry

Chris Berry, Rebecca Berry
30 Sep 2018
Does Christianity stop you having fun?

Ep 111: Dystopia - what are you afraid of?

Shane Rogerson, Stephanie Gear
23 Sep 2018
Why is fear so powerful?

Ep 110: Superheroes - do we need another one? | Sam Chan

Sam Chan
16 Sep 2018
Haven't we had enough of them? Why are they so popular?

Ep 109: Comedy - should I laugh or should I cry? | Sam Chan

Sam Chan
9 Sep 2018
What makes something funny? The line between comedy and tragedy can be very fine.

Ep 108: Trashy TV - why can't we turn away? | Sam Chan

Sam Chan
2 Sep 2018
Why is reality TV so addictive and compelling?