Bigger Questions library

Do we need God in outer space?

Jonathan Clarke
The necessity of God in an expanding universe

Why do we explore space?

Jonathan Clarke, Dianne McGrath, James Murray
17 Jul 2022
It's been 50 years since the moon landing and we reflect on what was achieved in that momentous event.

Does Christianity bring freedom?

Aimee Grinter
A Christian talks about her freedom

Should we cut offensive films?

Russ Matthews, Cliff Philipiah
3 Jul 2022
Dealing with films from the past with objectionable content

How do we find hope in the slums of Nairobi?

Rosalie Lui, Susan Ojuki
Confronting slum life in Kenya

Why advocate for asylum seekers?

Judy Wood
19 Jun 2022
The inspiring story of (Saint) Judy Wood - now a motion picture

Why confront slavery?

Investigator V
The battle to confront slavery in the modern world

Is the resurrection just wish fulfilment?

Helen Bell
Is the resurrection and hope of eternal life too good to be true? We ask Helen Bell some Bigger Questions

Where can I find peace?

Grace Bennett
A beautiful story of a woman who googled churches in her area and found more than she ever expected

What is the right relationship with the environment?

Kathryn Williams
22 May 2022
Forests almost feel spiritual - but does this reveal something bigger?