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Ep 174: What has Covid taught us?

Tim Hinks
20 Sep 2020
Reflections on the pandemic that changed the world

Ep 173: Why advocate for social justice?

Tim Costello
13 Sep 2020
A national living treasure shares his story

Ep 172: How do we find hope in the slums of Nairobi?

Rosalie Lui, Susan Ojuki
6 Sep 2020
Confronting slum life in Kenya

Ep 171: Why confront slavery?

Investigator V
30 Aug 2020
The battle to confront slavery in the modern world

Ep 170: Why advocate for asylum seekers?

Judy Wood
23 Aug 2020
The inspiring story of (Saint) Judy Wood - now a motion picture

Do we need God in outer space?

Jonathan Clarke
16 Aug 2020
The necessity of God in an expanding universe

Ep 169: Where can I find my place?

Samantha Dooley
9 Aug 2020
Wrestling with the challenges of adoption

How can we get a good night's sleep?

Andrew Laird
2 Aug 2020
Wisdom for getting good rest

Can we trust the resurrection accounts?

Elizabeth Redman
26 Jul 2020
A journalist investigates

Ep 168: What gave a space engineer confidence to get a man on the moon?

Ron Bledsoe
19 Jul 2020
Celebrating 51 years since the moon landing