Bigger Questions library

Is Jesus relevant today?

Luke Nelson
27 Jun 2021
How can a person who lived two thousand years on the other side of the world, be at all relevant in modern Melbourne?

Can God really be there amidst the pain?

John Hudson
20 Jun 2021
Reflecting on the problem of pain

Is the Bible's view on sex regressive?

Patricia Weerakoon
13 Jun 2021
Reflecting on some surprising findings of modern science

Ep 200: Where can I find God?

John Lennox
6 Jun 2021
Finding God in an age of science

Ep 199: What is the greatest glory?

Gavin Peacock
30 May 2021
The story of a Premier League footballer

Ep 198: Why fight racism?

Bob Zellner
23 May 2021
The remarkable story of a white civil rights activist from Alabama

Ep 197: What does Lego teach us about life?

Josh Taylor
16 May 2021
Perspectives from a Lego Master

How can we go beyond the Facebook friend?

Andrew Laird
9 May 2021
How to build really great friendships

Ep 196: Can we trust the Bible? | What about miracles? What about other religions? | Why is Jesus so important?

Gillian Asquith, Sam Reeve, Kenny Koay, Dave Kranjec
2 May 2021
Confronting four of life's biggest questions

Ep 195: What can war teach us?

Natasha Moore
25 Apr 2021
Should we mention the war?