Bigger Questions library

Ep 40: India: a very religious place

PJ Mathai
22 May 2016
What does it mean to become and remain a Christian in India? Hear about preaching, persecution and what makes Jesus unique

Ep 39: Encountering a Masterchef with Kate Bracks

Kate Bracks
15 May 2016
What is it like being on Masterchef? Learn about Masterchef winner Kate Bracks' Masterchef journey and her Christian faith

Ep 38: Encountering a Skeptic

Rob Buckingham
8 May 2016
When is skepticism reasonable? Hear Rob Buckingham's story of skepticism and how Jesus found him

Ep 37: Encountering God himself?

Robert Martin
1 May 2016
The tables are turned on Logos Live - the hunter becomes the hunted!

Ep 36: Encountering the brokenness of the world

Tim Curtis
24 Apr 2016
What is wrong with the world? Hear Tim Curtis' story of brokenness and powerful encounter with Jesus

Ep 35: Encountering the most remarkable event in world history

Aaron Boyd
17 Apr 2016
Unexpected answers to life's biggest questions

Ep 33: Finances: I am what I earn?

Jenny George
14 Feb 2016
Find something more at work

Ep 31: Frustration: I am frustrated at work

Kara Martin
31 Jan 2016
Find something more at work

Ep 30: Six stories of transformation

Michelle Monro, Shane Rogerson, Tracy Lauersen, Victor Soo, Anne Winckel, Guy Mason
24 Jan 2016
Hear how God has transformed the lives of six Bigger Questions guests

Ep 29: Stirrings of the soul - nurturing true spirituality

Mike Raiter
23 Aug 2015
What is the biggest casualty of your busy life?