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Ep 165: How important is wealth in the Coronavirus world?

David Knox
31 May 2020
Exploring fear, superannuation, and something bigger

Ep 164: How can we sing when it hurts?

Dami Im
25 May 2020
Singer Dami Im shares how she finds comfort, peace, and purpose

Ep 163: How can Jesus really be the answer?

Sam Chan
17 May 2020
We live in a time of much fear, uncertainty and difficulty - we are suffering from a loss of control. Yet some claim that Jesus is the answer to our deepest fears and insecurities. But is this answer just too convenient and easy? We confront some big questions of the potential relevance of Jesus in our lives today.

Sneak Peek at Sam Chan on Jesus and the future

Sam Chan, Russ Matthews
15 May 2020
Isn't Jesus being the answer to life's biggest questions just a bit too convenient?

Ep 162: How can I cope on Mother's Day without mum?

Clayton Bjelan
10 May 2020
Mother's Day is an opportunity to honour and thank the mothers in our lives. But for many it's a day of sadness, grief and even regret. We explore the story of someone for whom this is their first mother's day without mum and how they find hope amidst the grief.

Ep 161: Has capitalism failed?

Ken Barnes
3 May 2020
The world is in economic turmoil and struggle. But what drives our economic system and is it broken? We get inside the boardrooms of big business and confront some big questions of wealth creation, inequality, and the drivers of prosperity in our world.

Ep 160: How can God be real when the world is so messed up?

Dan Paterson
26 Apr 2020
At a young age Dan Paterson was faced with the brokenness of this world and it prompted a life journey exploring some of the biggest and most painful questions of life. Hear Dan's story and inspiring reflections on one of the biggest challenges of the human experience.

Ep 159: Why defend big insurance companies?

George Mallos
19 Apr 2020
How can a person of integrity defend big wealthy companies? We ask some big questions of a lawyer about the role of law, justice, equity and judgement in a complex world.

Ep 158: How does the resurrection offer hope in a Coronavirus world?

Steve Brady, Helen Bell, Shane Rogerson
12 Apr 2020
In the Coronavirus world there is much fear, uncertainty and despair. Yet this weekend is Easter - so what difference does Easter make today? Can it bring hope in this difficult time? We hear four stories of Easter hope amidst suffering, including some really surprising guests.

Ep 157: Can you sing when life is hard?

Ben Pakula
5 Apr 2020
How can singing provide solace during suffering? One music lover talks about singing, heavy metal and trusting God.