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Does God laugh?

Howard Langmead, Shelia Allen
15 Apr 2018
Melbourne is a funny city - it hosts the annual International Comedy festival. But is comedy hard? Should we laugh? What about God - does he laugh? A hilarious exploration of comedy, God and how laughing is good for you.

Does God have a sense of humour?

Howard Langmead, Cam Semmens
8 Apr 2018
Melbourne is a funny city. It hosts the annual International Comedy festival. Funny people saying funny things. But what about God? Does God share in this humour? Join us for a hilarious exploration of some big questions of God, comedy, and the meaning of life.

Can we trust the resurrection accounts?

Elizabeth Redman
1 Apr 2018
A journalist investigates

Explaining Easter: how can a death 2000 years ago help me live today?

Gillian Asquith
25 Mar 2018
What is Good Friday? What is Easter? Gillian Asquith explains these and their relevance in a powerful conversation.

Is the resurrection the most remarkable event in history?

Aaron Boyd
18 Mar 2018
With Easter approaching why not get thinking about what really happened on that first Easter morning? A conversation with hope, humour and and encounter with the remarkable.

Ep 97: Is the Christian race worth finishing?

Nick Hearnshaw
11 Mar 2018
A conversation on retirement, running, and what it means to finish the race. With the Commonwealth Games around the corner - this will get you thinking about the race of life.

How do we cultivate the things that are really important?

Anne Winckel
4 Mar 2018
What is the biggest casualty of your busy life? We ask some big questions to someone who knows what it means to be time poor.

Ep 96: Why would someone trust God in the face of suffering?

Andy Prideaux, Bryn Weightman
25 Feb 2018
Why do bad things happen to good people? Is God trustworthy? An honest and authentic conversation about the difficult topic of suffering.

How does an encounter with Jesus answer life's big questions?

Kate Bracks
18 Feb 2018
What is it like being on Masterchef? Learn about Masterchef winner Kate Bracks' Masterchef journey and her Christian faith

Ep 95: Is there a hope beyond cure?

David McDonald
11 Feb 2018
Two words crushed him: 'tumour' and 'incurable'. Dave was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2011. Hear his story as we ask him some bigger questions.