Bigger Questions library

Why confront slavery?

Investigator V
The battle to confront slavery in the modern world

Is the resurrection just wish fulfilment?

Helen Bell
Is the resurrection and hope of eternal life too good to be true? We ask Helen Bell some Bigger Questions

Where can I find peace?

Grace Bennett
A beautiful story of a woman who googled churches in her area and found more than she ever expected

What is the right relationship with the environment?

Kathryn Williams
22 May 2022
Forests almost feel spiritual - but does this reveal something bigger?

How can we prevent family violence?

Robyn Boosey
A pathway from violence to flourishing

How can I cope on Mother's Day without mum?

Clayton Bjelan
8 May 2022
Mother's Day is an opportunity to honour and thank the mothers in our lives. But for many it's a day of sadness, grief and even regret. We explore the story of someone for whom this is their first mother's day without mum and how they find hope amidst the grief.

How can God be real when the world is so messed up?

Dan Paterson
1 May 2022
why is the world so messed up

Did Jesus have to die?

Sam Reeve
If Jesus was so powerful, and his death so preventable, why did he die?

Is science the answer?

Adam Humphries
10 Apr 2022
Science is a powerful tool, but is it all we need?

Ep 64: How can we live without fear?

Jee Hyun Kim
4 Apr 2022
Can our fears be fixed, resolved or eradicated? Dr. Jee Hyun Kim (TED speaker) shares her story and the science of fear.