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Do we need God in outer space?

Jonathan Clarke
16 Aug 2020
The necessity of God in an expanding universe

Ep 169: Where can I find my place?

Samantha Dooley
9 Aug 2020
Wrestling with the challenges of adoption

How can we get a good night's sleep?

Andrew Laird
2 Aug 2020
Wisdom for getting good rest

Can we trust the resurrection accounts?

Elizabeth Redman
26 Jul 2020
A journalist investigates

Ep 168: What gave a space engineer confidence to get a man on the moon?

Ron Bledsoe
19 Jul 2020
Celebrating 51 years since the moon landing

What happens when we die?

Mark Stephens
12 Jul 2020
Do we die and rot, or is there hope?

Ep 167: Should we cut offensive films?

Russ Matthews, Cliff Philipiah
5 Jul 2020
Dealing with films from the past with objectionable content

What wisdom is gained from mountain tops?

Simon Angus
28 Jun 2020
Be inspired to get a new perspective on life.

Why can't I see God?

Tim Hinks
21 Jun 2020
A scientist shares his story

Ep 166: Why think? A tribute to Ravi Zacharias

Michael Ramsden
14 Jun 2020
In memory of the late Ravi Zacharias