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Is there an end to infectious disease? (with Covid-19 intro)

Justin Denholm
29 Mar 2020
A timely conversation to mark the three year anniversary of Bigger Questions

Ep 156: Can I get justice?

Jennie Pakula
22 Mar 2020
The quest for justice is a common human experience and we can get deeply embittered and frustrated when we don't get it. So how can we find true justice? A conversation confronting life's injustices where we find something bigger.

Ep 155: If God is real, where is he?

David Robertson
15 Mar 2020
Wondering why there's suffering in the world? Here's a conversation about the search for something bigger amidst pain.

Ep 154: What happens when I die?

Mark Conner
8 Mar 2020
How an unexpected death prompted reflection on life's biggest questions

Ep 153: Where can I find joy?

Silvie Paladino
1 Mar 2020
Something more than Carols by Candlelight

Ep 152: What is authentic spirituality?

Matthew Jacoby
23 Feb 2020
Spirituality is popular but what does it mean? How can we connect with something deeper? Explore these questions and more.

Ep 151: Will robots take my job?

David Chan
16 Feb 2020
The rise of technology brings fear and uncertainty about how automation replaces human labour. But what about the even bigger question of artificial intelligence - will robots take our humanity? A fascinating show which peers into the future of technology and our work.

Ep 150: How does the story end?

Greg Clarke
9 Feb 2020
Stories inspire, entertain and stimulate - we all understand ourselves as part of stories. What do stories tell us about some of life's biggest questions? A fascinating conversation as we confront the end of the world and discover our own place in an even bigger story.

Ep 149: Is Australia the ideal home?

Natalie Swann
2 Feb 2020
Many thousands of people call Australia home each year, but how do they cope with the conflicting feelings of leaving another home. We explore some big questions migrants face coming to Australia and how something bigger helped them in making Australia home.

How much has the Bible shaped Australia?

Meredith Lake
26 Jan 2020
Meredith gets under the skin of a text that has shaped Australia's cultural history.