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Ep 41: Faith based on evidence

John Hudson
29 May 2016
Is faith based on evidence an oxymoron? John Hudson discusses some of the evidence underlying the Christian faith

Ep 40: India: a very religious place

PJ Mathai
22 May 2016
What does it mean to become and remain a Christian in India? Hear about preaching, persecution and what makes Jesus unique

Ep 39: Encountering a Masterchef with Kate Bracks

Kate Bracks
15 May 2016
What is it like being on Masterchef? Learn about Masterchef winner Kate Bracks' Masterchef journey and her Christian faith

Ep 38: Encountering a Skeptic

Rob Buckingham
8 May 2016
When is skepticism reasonable? Hear Rob Buckingham's story of skepticism and how Jesus found him

Ep 37: Encountering God himself?

Robert Martin
1 May 2016
The tables are turned on Logos Live - the hunter becomes the hunted!

Ep 36: Encountering the brokenness of the world

Tim Curtis
24 Apr 2016
What is wrong with the world? Hear Tim Curtis' story of brokenness and powerful encounter with Jesus

Ep 35: Encountering the most remarkable event in world history

Aaron Boyd
17 Apr 2016
Unexpected answers to life's biggest questions

Ep 34: Future: I am going ... where?

David Knox
21 Feb 2016
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Ep 33: Finances: I am what I earn?

Jenny George
14 Feb 2016
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Ep 32: Fulfilment: I am what I do?

Andrew Laird
7 Feb 2016
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