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Ep 23: Poetry and Paul

Will Mackerras
12 Jul 2015
What would Banjo Paterson say about the conversion of Paul? Well this episode might have the answer

Ep 22: The heaven's declare - a scientist reflects on God

Ruth Bancewicz
5 Jul 2015
Do scientists look up at the skies and see the glory of God, or just another scientific puzzle that needs solving?

Ep 21: Subdue or sustain? A Christian response to environmentalism

James Hornby
28 Jun 2015
Does the Bible prevent or contribute to environmental care?

Ep 20: Millionaire to Slum

Diane Judge
21 Jun 2015
Hear about one woman's most unexpected career path

Ep 19: Jesus and the eyewitnesses

Richard Bauckham
14 Jun 2015
Are the Gospel records based on eyewitness testimony?

Ep 18: Is Jesus relevant today?

Luke Nelson
7 Jun 2015
Myth or Truth? Is Jesus relevant today?

Ep 17: Does God laugh?

Howard Langmead, Shelia Allen
31 May 2015
Does God have a sense of humour?

Ep 16: Does God have a sense of humour?

Howard Langmead, Cam Semmens
24 May 2015
Is it a sin to laugh?

Ep 15: Unbelievable?

Justin Brierley
17 May 2015
Would evidence alone convince you of the Christian message?

Ep 14: God vs the church

Guy Mason
10 May 2015
Has God been killed by his strongest opponents? Let's hear His response