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Do religion and football mix? | John Boyers

John Boyers
24 Jun 2018
Football is like a religion to many, so is there a space for faith? How do chaplains help sports clubs? A conversation about something bigger than the World Cup that is sure to kick some goals.

How can we nurture rich spirituality? | Mike Raiter

Mike Raiter
17 Jun 2018
Why is it soul music and not larynx music? We have a spiritual side - but how do we nurture true spirituality?

Ep 104: Does the Bible really provide a better way to live? | Graham Hooper

Graham Hooper
10 Jun 2018
Graham Hooper shares from many years of experience about what makes a truly wise life. A conversation with humour, wisdom and practical advice assessing if the Bible's framework for life really works.

Ep 103: Is Christianity a force for good in the world? | Barney Zwartz

Barney Zwartz
3 Jun 2018
Has Christianity been a positive or negative force in Australia? In this conversation we confront the very worst of Christianity, but make some surprising discoveries. An eye-opening conversation confronting one of the big questions for modern Australia.

Ep 102: How do I overcome my limitations | Steph Judd

Stephanie Judd
27 May 2018
We all face limitations - time, abilities and even the greatest limiter of them all: death. How can I live in light of these? A conversation with a young mum who appreciates limitations every day that will help you find value peace and purpose.

Ep 101: Is there life after life?

Steve Brady
20 May 2018
Do near death experiences point to life after death? English author and speaker Dr. Steve Brady talks about his own research and encounters with death. A very moving and heartfelt conversation.

Ep 100: What does Minecraft teach us about God?

James Garth
13 May 2018
Minecraft is currently the world's most popular video game, yet it also helps us ask bigger questions like: is there a creator? is life fine-tuned? does prayer work? A fun and surprising conversation.

Ep 99: Why should atheists read the Bible?

Alex McCullie
6 May 2018
Hear from an atheist of why atheists should read the Bible.

Ep 98: Why Fair Trade?

John Martin
29 Apr 2018
Host Robert Martin interviews his Dad. An interview with family history, biblical thoughtfulness and insight into our shopping practices.

How can we live amidst the busyness of life?

Peter Adam
22 Apr 2018
Are you crazy busy? We ask Peter Adam some bigger questions about why we're busy and offer some practical advice on how we can live amidst the busyness of life. Words to live by.