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Where can I find meaning?

Dale Stephenson
One man's search for meaning

Can you have a merry Christmas with depression?

Peter Adam
How can you be joyful and happy at Christmas when you're depressed?

How can we have a sustainable Christmas?

Ian Barns
Is much of our consumption just a poor substitute for what’s missing in our lives?

Is there power in prayer?

Sameh Maurice
Critics of prayer say it's useless and unnecessary. Yet in this remarkable and uplifting conversation we hear some profound and powerful stories of the effect of prayer in a hostile environment.

Why be generous?

Gary Hoag
4 Dec 2022
In a world of many needs, being generous can be hard. Hear from the "generosity monk" who sees the power of generosity and travels the world fostering it. He shares his own powerful story of trusting in something bigger when faced with a huge need after giving everything away. An inspiring conversation.

How can Jesus really be the answer?

Sam Chan
27 Nov 2022
Why Jesus?

Where can I find my place?

Samantha Dooley
20 Nov 2022
Wrestling with the challenges of adoption

Why fight racism?

Bob Zellner
13 Nov 2022
The remarkable story of a white civil rights activist from Alabama

What can war teach us?

Natasha Moore
Should we mention the war?

Why do we create fantasy worlds?

Luke Isham
30 Oct 2022
Celebrating 20 years since the release of The Lord of the Rings movies