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Ep 59: Where is the love? homosexuality and the Scriptures

James Hornby
21 Mar 2017
Christianity is supposed to be about love, so why does the church seem to inspire deep hatred of the LGBT community?

Ep 58: has science buried God?

John Lennox
23 Feb 2017
The lost episode. Professor John Lennox answers this question.

Ep 57: the attraction conversion hypothesis

Gillian Asquith, Rob Buckingham, John Hudson, Mike Bird, Tracy Trinita
5 Feb 2017
Is the Bible brimming with lies? We test an implicit prediction that the Bible makes

Ep 56: Fact or fiction? The greatest Christmas Kung-Fu story ever told

Mikey Bayliss
11 Dec 2016
Is the Christmas story fact or fiction? Hear about a Kung Fu version of the Christmas story

Ep 55: Breaking the cycle of poverty in Uganda

Justus Miwanda, Ray Ternes
18 Sep 2016
How does a Melbourne barrister feel being faced with poverty in Uganda?

Ep 54: Do religion and football mix?

John Boyers
11 Sep 2016
The chaplain to the Manchester United football club talks about the place of faith in professional sport

Ep 53: When the fashion model met the designer

Tracy Trinita
4 Sep 2016
Indonesia's first supermodel shares her journey

Ep 52: How to get a good nights sleep

Andrew Laird
28 Aug 2016
Are you feeling tired? The Bible offers practical and helpful advice on living and thriving today

Ep 51: When miracles happen

Linda Bailey
7 Aug 2016
Hear stories of when miracles happen, but how can someone trust Jesus when they don't?

Ep 50: Honouring the Anzacs: have we gone too far?

Mike Raiter
31 Jul 2016
Mike Raiter shares how Anzac Day has gone beyond simply a day of remembrance