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Ep 68: Does the Bible really work?

Tim Curtis
4 Jun 2017
Tim Curtis had never met a Christian and instead just read the Bible. What happened? We ask Tim Curtis some Bigger Questions.

Ep 67: Aren't all Christians hypocrites?

Costa Englezos
28 May 2017
Costa Englezos saw and experienced hypocrisy in the church. It turned him off Christianity, but something changed

Ep 66: How should we respond to Islamic Extremism?

Bernie Power
21 May 2017
What is the link between Islam, violence and terrorism? We asked Bernie Power some Bigger Questions

Ep 65: Is there an end for infectious disease?

Justin Denholm
14 May 2017
Will we defeat disease through scientific advances?

Ep 64: How can we live without fear?

Jee Hyun Kim
7 May 2017
Can our fears be fixed, resolved or eradicated? Dr. Jee Hyun Kim (TED speaker) shares her story and the science of fear.

Ep 63: Isn't the Bible corrupt and untrustworthy?

Gillian Asquith
30 Apr 2017
Is the Bible a bunch of Chinese whispers that has been tampered with? How can we trust it?

Ep 62: Do you feel good enough?

Nadia, Alan Lucas
16 Apr 2017
Have you ever felt that no matter what you did you were never good enough?

Ep 61: Is God relevant today?

Anthony B
9 Apr 2017
Anthony B. was a violent man and heavy drinker who discovered the relevance of God in the modern world.

Ep 60: Is it logical to believe in God?

Greg Restall
2 Apr 2017
Atheist Ricky Gervais says that the 'very definition' of God is a logical impossibility in this universe. Is he right?

Big news for Logos Live

Robert Martin
30 Mar 2017
We are excited to announce some big changes to Logos Live