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Ep 223: Is Christianity bad news?

Stephen McAlpine
13 Mar 2022
Thinking through Christianity being discriminatory, bigoted and hateful

What difference has Jesus made in breaking the cycle of poverty in Uganda?

Ray Ternes, Justus Miwanda
6 Mar 2022
How does a Melbourne barrister feel being faced with poverty in Uganda?

Ep 222: Is faith obsolete?

Jacob Thomas
27 Feb 2022
Does science render belief in God unnecessary?

Is evidence enough?

Justin Brierley
20 Feb 2022
Would evidence alone convince you of the Christian message?

I am what I do?

Andrew Laird
13 Feb 2022
Can we find something more at work?

Ep 221: Is Christmas unbelievable?

Rebecca McLaughlin
19 Dec 2021
Reflecting on the Christmas story

Ep 220: Why do we create fantasy worlds?

Luke Isham
12 Dec 2021
Celebrating 20 years since the release of The Lord of the Rings movies

Ep 219: Is God just for kids?

Colin Buchanan
5 Dec 2021
One of Australia's best known Christian children's musician shares

Ep 218: What makes a great leader?

John Anderson, George Savvides, Jenny George
28 Nov 2021
Three top business and political leaders reflect

Ep 217: Is Jesus boring?

Andrew Palau
21 Nov 2021
Aren't ancient religious figures boring and irrelevant in the modern world?