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Is there hope in the slums of the world?

Diane Judge
9 Jun 2019
Diana Judge was a senior global executive who had a dramatic encounter in India which inspired her to give up her successful career in order to work with the world's poor. Why would she do that? An inspiring conversation.

Ep 129: Can we win the war on waste?

Jonathan Cornford
2 Jun 2019
The popular ABC documentary War on Waste highlighted big waste challenges in our culture. But why do we even need a war? What is driving our waste problems? With World Environment Day approaching, this is a thoughtful conversation that deals with a load of rubbish.

Ep 128: Would Jesus be a Christian today?

Sam Chan, Julie-anne Laird
26 May 2019
Why are followers of religions so unlike their founders? Christians today are often perceived as narrow-minded, judgemental, hypocrites, yet Jesus is perceived very differently. Why is this so? Is this what Jesus had in mind when he set up his church? An entertaining conversation exploring why Christians seem so different to Jesus.

Surely a loving God would never allow this much pain?

Dave Miers
19 May 2019
The question of suffering and injustice is one of the biggest people face today. It's difficult to reconcile how a loving God could allow suffering in the world. This conversation confronts with sensitivity the painful and difficult area of suffering and offers surprising hope.

Ep 127: How do you deal with the loss of a child?

Alison Risbridger, John Risbridger
12 May 2019
Mother's Day is a day where mothers are celebrated and honoured, yet for some it's a day of sadness and grief. In this very moving and raw conversation a couple share the pain of losing a child and its impact on their life and faith.

Ep 126: Should religion have a say on election day?

Helen Bell, Adam Ch'ng
5 May 2019
With an an election looming there is often disappointment and cynicism towards our political leaders and the place of religion in political life is controversial and contested. Can we have better conversations about government and the role of religion in politics? A thoughtful conversation which changes the way we talk about divisive topics.

Is the story of Jesus a conspiracy theory?

Rob Buckingham
28 Apr 2019
When is skepticism unreasonable? Even with video evidence some still won't believe. Rob Buckingham was an a skeptic and atheist until he had an encounter that transformed his life. A conversation confronting skpeticism, conspiracy theories and finding true fulfillment in life.

How does the resurrection give hope?

Shane Rogerson, Cam Semmens
21 Apr 2019
The resurrection of Jesus is the central event of Easter, but did it really happen and what difference can it make today? A powerful story of how the resurrection of Jesus transformed Shane and gives hope and meaning to life now.

Why does Jesus have to die? | Victor Soo & Tracy Lauersen

Victor Soo, Tracy Lauersen, Cam Semmens
14 Apr 2019
Why would a great and innocent man willingly die? As Easter approaches we ask a number of guests some big questions about the central event of that first Easter week - the death of Jesus. A fresh exploration of the week that changed the world.

Why is it worth engaging with the Easter story? | Peter Adam & James Hornby

Peter Adam, Cam Semmens, James Hornby
7 Apr 2019
Easter is the week that changed the world. As Easter approaches we ask a number of guests some big questions about the events and circumstances of that first Easter week. A conversation with poetry, parables and a fresh exploration of the week that changed the world.