Chasing Life | Bigger questions

Chasing Life

We're constantly looking for meaning in life - a sense of purpose or identity that has lasting value. Am I defined by my job, possessions, and relationships? Should I amuse myself with frivolous activity? The book of Ecclesiastes resonates because it's realistic. It gives an honest description of what frustrates us in life, a life that can often feel hollow and futile. It dares to ask whether everything is meaningless.

We have developed a reading guide to help you ask the big questions of life.

Each reading guide chapter explores a big question, features parts of the Ecclesiastes and is further discussed in an accompanying Bigger Questions episode*.

Physical copies can be purchased from the City Bible Forum Melbourne office. Please contact us if you would like one!

*NB: Podcast links are available here. Complementing this reading guide are Episode 84 - Episode 89.