For your Christmas playlist | Bigger questions

For your Christmas playlist

Christmas is the most celebrated festival and holiday in the world. It is a time for religious festivals and memorials, a time for family to gather, a time for gift giving and a time for holidays. We've asked a number of big questions about Christmas. Create your own Christmas themed playlist with these classic Christmas Bigger Questions episodes.

Can I have a Merry Christmas with depression? | Peter Adam

Just released! Peter Adam shares about his battle with mental illness for over 30 years. How does he think about Christmas - traditionally a season of joy and happiness?

"I've learned I can be really sad, but not without hope"

What happened when Santa learned the Gospel? | Simon Camilleri

A fun and original conversation about when Santa first learns about Jesus' message of grace. Unexpectedly, Santa finds himself on his own spiritual and philosophical journey, full of humour, self-reflection, wonder, and redemption.

"I had this funny idea: What if Santa was confronted by this message of the Gospel?"

Christmas: Fact or fiction? | Mikey Bayliss

Author Mikey Bayliss shares about his love of Christmas, Kung Fu and Jesus. Could Mikey's book, Journey from the East be the best Kung Fu Christmas story ever told?

"I LOVE Christmas, I even used to sleep under the Christmas tree"

Isn't the Bible full of contradictions? | Gillian Asquith

What are we to make of the differences between the accounts of the Christmas story of Jesus? We ask Gillian Asquith some really hard questions about the Bible and her answers may surprise you.

"I think the Gospel writers had different agendas"

Where can I find peace? | Grace Bennett

It was Christmas 2017 which began Grace's spiritual quest.

"It was was Christmas eve and the sermon was speaking about how Christmas is wonderful, we get to see family, we have a huge feast, there's presents and it's wonderful. But there was a message focussing on hope at Christmas, and I was really impressed that the focus at a time like Christmas wasn't on materialistic things."