What difference has Jesus made in breaking the cycle of poverty in Uganda?

How does a Melbourne barrister feel being faced with poverty in Uganda?
Ray Ternes
Justus Miwanda
Bible reference(s): 
Micah 6.8
Sun 6 Mar 2022
Ethics, justice and social welfare

In this conversation we confront the big questions of poverty, justice and education in Africa.

Melbourne barrister Ray Ternes is in conversation with Rev Justus Miwanda (Director International Needs Uganda) where they discuss poverty, Ray's experience of visiting Uganda and experienced poverty first hand and how his encounter with poverty affected him. Justus also shares about the tragic circumstances of his birth and his encounters with his mother.

They both share about the difference Jesus makes in trying to help break the cycle of poverty in Uganda.

This Bigger Questions episode is a re-edit and re-release of Episode 55 (recorded under the show's former title, hence the absence of episode number).

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