Welcome to 2019 + Bonus material | Bigger questions

Welcome to 2019 + Bonus material

What would happen if Chairman Mao met the Apostle Paul?
KK Yeo
Wed Jan 30th, 2019
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Welcome to 2019!

Check out the show for some exciting news - Bigger Questions is getting bigger.

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2019 Live Recordings. Our live recording schedule for 2019 is still being finalised. The regular lunchtime recordings in the CBD of Melbourne will be held over 6 sessions from August through to October. We’ll also be recording some shows at Darebin Presbyterian Church and Moreland Anglican Church this year.

A taste of the upcoming show. This is a short excerpt of the show which was unfortunately edited out of the show being released on Sunday night: Is Jesus for Asia?

We asked the guest, Dr. KK Yeo what he thought would happen if Chairman Mao were to meet the Apostle Paul.

Enjoy and we look forward to a great 2019 and keep asking bigger questions.

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