How does the resurrection give hope?

Did it really happen and what difference can it make today?
Shane Rogerson
Cam Semmens
Bible reference(s): 
Luke 24:1-12
Sun 21 Apr 2019
Jesus' resurrection
Life stories

The resurrection of Jesus is the central event of Easter, but did it really happen and what difference can it make today? A powerful story of how the resurrection of Jesus transformed Shane and gives hope and meaning to life now. A fresh exploration of the week that changed the world, featuring the poetry of Cam Semmens.

To accompany this episodes we have a produced a special reading guide entitled, The week that changed the world. This guide is designed to walk you through the last week of Jesus’ life. It contains the events leading up to and including the Easter story from Luke’s biography of Jesus, as well as reflections from workers around Australia. It even has pictures!

To obtain a copy of the Easter reading guide, The week that changed the world, send us a message on our Facebook page, or via our website or contact host Rob Martin, or pop into the office at Level 2, 26 King St, Melbourne to pick up a hard copy.

Our guest:

Shane Rogerson is the lead pastor of St Matt’s Anglican church in Prahran. He loves live in Melbourne and can be often seen frequenting the best cafes in Prahran and the city. Shane also loves engaging people in the bigger questions of life,

Featuring the poetry of Cam Semmens, an award winning poet and performer.

This Bigger Questions episode is a re-edit and re-release of Episode 9 (recorded under the show's former title, hence the absence of episode number).

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