Is God relevant today? | Anthony B | Bigger questions

Is God relevant today? | Anthony B

Could God be relevant today?
Anthony B
Bible reference(s): 
Ezekiel 36:25-26
Sun Jan 27th, 2019
Jesus' teaching
Life stories
Jesus' teaching
Alcoholics Anonymous
Life Stories

This Bigger Questions episode is a re-release of Episode 61 (hence the absence of episode number).

Sitting in a car park one day Anthony watched a lot of people going to church. He remarked to his wife, 'Who are these idiots going to church?' Anthony didn't see the point of God, he didn't need God. God was not relevant at all in his life.

Yet something changed.

Anthony was a violent man and a heavy drinker who discovered the relevance of God in the modern world. Anthony's world was utterly transformed.

What changed his life? Could God be relevant today?

Join us as we ask Anthony B. some Bigger Questions.

This episode of Bigger Questions was recorded in March 2017.

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