Is God just a cosmic kill-joy? | Bigger questions

Is God just a cosmic kill-joy?

All people seek pleasure and happiness, yet it seems that God opposes it
Nick Coombs
Bible reference(s): 
Hebrews 11:23-26
Sun 3 Nov 2019
Lifestyle and well-being

In 1882, the great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche made the controversial claim: 'God is dead'. Has God been killed by his strongest opponents? Today we explore the objection of pleasure - that God opposes our pleasure. We explore pleasure with someone who grew up in the church feeling he was being prevented from enjoying life, but discovered a deeper and greater satisfaction.

Our guest: Nick Coombs from City on a Hill join us! Nick grew up in Melbourne and studied Commerce at Deakin University. He’s worked for several years in a variety of roles for City on a Hill church in Melbourne’s CBD. And he’s now lead pastor of the City on a Hill East campus in Malvern East.

This Bigger Questions episode is a re-edit and re-release of Episode 11 (recorded under the show's former title, hence the absence of episode number).

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