Ep 66: How should we respond to Islamic Extremism?

What is the link between Islam, violence and terrorism? We asked Bernie Power some Bigger Questions
Bernie Power
Bible reference(s): 
Matthew 5:43-44
Sun 21 May 2017
Jesus' teaching

How do we understand Islam? Is terrorism and ISIS consistent with the Qu'ran and true Islam? What is the difference between Jesus and Muhammad? Was Jesus an extremist?

In this episode we think about Islam, violence and extremism and we meet Bernie Power. Bernie lectures in the comparative study of Islam and Christianity at Melbourne School of Theology. He lived for over 20 years in several countries in the Middle East. He’s a popular speaker, regularly debates Muslims and is author of the book Understanding Jesus and Muhammad.

We ask Bernie some Bigger Questions about Islam, Jesus and violence.

This episode was recorded before a live audience in Melbourne in August 2016.

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