Ep 65: Is there an end for infectious disease?

Will we defeat disease through scientific advances?
Justin Denholm
Bible reference(s): 
Mark 5: 24-34Revelation 21:1-4
Sun 14 May 2017
Purpose of work
Environment and biology

Is manflu real? What do we make of the anti-vaccination movement? Where do I put my hope? What are the limits of modern medicine?

In this episode we think about infectious disease and meet a world expert in infectious disease. Dr. Justin Denholm is Medical Director of the Victorian Tuberculosis Program and is also an author of current World Health Organization guidelines on latent tuberculosis infection and ethics.

We ask Justin some Bigger Questions on the science of infectious disease and we'll hear his interesting response to whether we'll defeat disease through scientific advances.

This episode was recorded live in Melbourne in August 2016.

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