Ep 41: Faith based on evidence

Is faith based on evidence an oxymoron? John Hudson discusses some of the evidence underlying the Christian faith
John Hudson
Bible reference(s): 
John 14:11
Sun 29 May 2016
Jesus' teaching
moral argument
Logos Live
Bigger Questions

What is faith? What evidence is there for the Christian faith? Is faith based on evidence an oxymoron?

In this episode, host Robert Martin speaks with John Hudson. John is writing a book 'Faith Based on Evidence' and John shares some of the themes and ideas from the book. He shares about why he enjoys engaging with atheists and his reflections on a debate on the moral argument he once had with an atheist. John also talks about how Jesus expects people to believe in him based on evidence. A challenging episode for atheists and skeptics as a former atheist shares.

This episode of Bigger Questions was recorded under the show's former title of 'Logos Live'.

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