Ep 223: Is Christianity bad news?

Thinking through Christianity being discriminatory, bigoted and hateful
Stephen McAlpine
Bible reference(s): 
Mark 1.1, Matthew 16.24-25
Sun 13 Mar 2022
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Being the Bad Guys

Today it's common to suggest that the Christian faith is bad news - it is discriminatory, bigoted and hateful. Yet the Christian message itself claims to be good news. So what are we to believe? We confront some of the toughest questions of Christianity in our culture today with the author of 2021 Australian Christian book of the year to see if Christians really are the bad guys.

Our guest: Steve McAlpine. Steve works with City Bible Forum and loves engaging the big questions of life, faith and culture. He is a popular blogger, author and speaker and his book, ‘Being the bad guys’ won Christian book of the year in 2021, and he joins me now.

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