Ep 186: Is there a war on Christmas?

Reflecting on the most popular and contested festival of the world
Gerry Bowler
Bible reference(s): 
Matthew 1.23-25 & 2.13
Sun 13 Dec 2020
Media and current affairs

Christmas is the world's biggest festival celebrated right around the world. Why is Christmas so important? We learn about the origins, bizarre traditions and controversies of the world's biggest Festival and explore why it's so contested. A conversation reflecting the controversy, magic and joy of the season.

Our guest: Dr Gerry Bowler. Gerry is a Canadian historian and writer with a special interest in popular culture and its connections to religion. He’s published works on The Simpsons, Wayne Gretzky, and the relationship between Aristotle and professional wrestling. But he’s focused his main efforts on the history of Christmas and he’s written four books on Christmas.

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