Ep 13: God vs money | Bigger questions

Ep 13: God vs money

Has God been killed by his strongest opponents? Let's hear His response
Luke Nelson
Bible reference(s): 
Luke 18:18-24
Sun May 3rd, 2015
Money and wealth
Logos Live
Bigger Questions

In 1882, the great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche made the controversial claim: 'God is dead'. Has God been killed by his strongest opponents?

In this episode, host Robert Martin speaks with Luke Nelson (pastor City on a Hill West) about money - I am what I buy? Luke struggles through the Logos Live quiz where he tries to estimate the cost of various household items. Luke shares about the pleasures and dangers of money and how through Jesus life has more meaning and significance.

This episode of Bigger Questions was recorded under the show's previous title 'Logos Live', in Melbourne before a live audience in March 2015 as a part of the God vs the World series.

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